About Me


Fionna Hesketh has been making and selling her jewellery nationally for 30 years. She received a training in fine jewellery using precious metals at Central School of Art, London.

Fionna has been researching and working with non-traditional enamel techniques, using both industrial, and jewellers vitreous enamel on a variety of metals such as copper, steel and silver.

General themes and inspiration which run through Fionna’s work are notions of delicacy and fragility; mark-making influenced by the landscape and materials; and the strangeness of materials when seen up close and out of context.

As a maker, Fionna believes in the importance of the hand-made mark, as evidence of the creative process and the action of the maker, as well as affirming the distinctiveness of the piece.
Fionna lives and work in Stroud, Gloucestershire
Vitreous Enamel